Scions of the Panther Order

Founding Chapter: Panthers
Founding: Unknown - thought to be formed in late M35 (circa 13th Founding) from remnants of several groups.

Chapter Master: Hyroniemus Rahman Khan The Seeker
Home World: New Genesis
Fortress-Monastery: Solace for the Lost (usually shortened to just Solace) or Wrath for the Fallen
Battle Cry: Remember the Thunder! 

Colors: Purple with Dark Grey Trim
     Purple was chosen to represent the blue of the Panthers, from which most of the original members came, mixed with the blood of their fallen comrades. Grey marks the grimness of war and at the same time the rock of faith in mankind's strength to overcome all challenges, even those from within...
Insignia: Snarling Panther on red background.

Specialties: Adaptation and Assimilation; Rescue Missions
     As they struggled from the brink of annihilation and abandonment the Scions bent the strictures of codex organization and assimilated the traits of other shattered groups they found into what has now become a chapter. Because of the desire to rebuild and grow the Order takes risks to rescue and relieve forces in helpless situations who are often abandoned or forgotten by the groups who dispatched them.

Organization: The Panther Order adds units or remnants of units that it finds into the organization of the chapter where they are most comfortable. For example a single battle brother rescued from a planet overrun by Orcs was given opportunity to return to his mother chapter, but elected to remain with the brave marines who had extracted him and replace a combat loss taken in a previous engagement. Because of this unorthodox arrangement the Scions of the Panther Order have a somewhat more flexible understanding of the Codex prescriptions for Company organization.

     Another divergence from the typical organization happens when larger groups are added to the chapter. These groups often maintain their internal structure and orphans from other chapters are added to fill out the depleted unit. This leads to many different fighting styles within the Order itself, and eventually a cross pollination which breeds greater creativity and martial prowess than is typically found even amongst the venerated warriors of the Adeptus Astartes. As such the Scions have two veteran companies, the first entirely comprised of Terminator armoured battle brothers of the utmost experience and skill and Venerable Dreadnoughts who preserve the longest memories of any in the chapter. The second is composed of specialized veterans. A healthy rivalry exists between the two companies with the Second Company often being referred to as "The Fighting Veterans" because they are parceled out to train others in their specialty as well as lead attacks and rescues directly relating to their area of expertise.

     An additional advantage the Panthers gain from adding survivors is a disproportionate number of highly skilled leaders with great tactical acumen. As such each of the Companies has not one but two officers, a captain and his lieutenant. This allows for greater flexibility and more independent thinking on the battlefield, it also serves as a safeguard so that even in the event of catastrophic losses similar to those of their parent chapters a clear chain of command is more likely to survive.

Head Quarters - Zero Company
   Honour Guard
   Librarium - Chief Epistolary Antiquitous - Guardian of the Gate

1st Company - Veteran Company
Captain Ulrich Harbinger - Master of the Deep, First of the Council
   30 Terminators
   60 Assault Terminators
   10 Venerable Dreadnoughts

2nd Company - The Fighting Veterans

3rd Company - The Dependables
Captain Petra Skala - Master of Marches, Champion of Solace
   Command Squad -
Lieutenant Sakhra La Roche - Warden of the Colors
   Command Squad -
   Tech Liason

   1st Tactical Squad - The Squad of Remembrance
                The original Scions were the shattered remnants of the Panther Third Company. In
          remembrance of these brave battle brothers who refused to accept defeat and death, First
          Squad, Third Company is held open and Third Company's Tactical Squads are instead numbered
          two through seven.
   2nd Tactical Squad - The Rock
          Sgt. , 7 Bolters, Flamer, Multi Melta
   3rd Tactical Squad - The Hard Place
          Sgt. , 7 Bolters, Flamer, Multi Melta
   4th Tactical Squad - Truculent
          Sgt. , 7 Bolters, Flamer, Multi Melta
   5th Tactical Squad - 
          Sgt. , 7 Bolters, Flamer, Multi Melta
   6th Tactical Squad - 
          Sgt. , 7 Bolters, Flamer, Multi Melta
   7th Tactical Squad - 
          Sgt. , 7 Bolters, Flamer, Multi Melta

   1st Speeder Squadron - Alpha Dogs
          Armament: Multi Melta/Heavy Flamer
   2nd Speeder Squadron - Banzai Flight
          Armament: Multi Melta/Heavy Flamer
   3rd Speeder Squadron - Cool Cats
          Armament: Multi Melta/Heavy Flamer

   Predator Destructor
   Predator Destructor
   Predator Destructor

7th Company - Sword of the Khan

10th Company

Mars Detachment

Fleet Command


Chief Epistolary Antiquitous

Librarium: Though the Scions are formed from fragments of many chapters they quickly assimilate the knowledge of any recovered brethren into the Chapter's Lore, thus strengthening and improving the chapter.

     Any information thus obtained is distributed to each member of the chapter by the diligent brethren of the Librarium.

Land Raider Achilles
Mars Detachment:

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