Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Internet, Nerds, and Gaming

I am currently in something of a miniature gaming hiatus, partially by circumstance and partially from lack of draw back to the group.

I have been removed from gaming by work for about 6 months up until my recent visit to the game stores as detailed in my last post. I did get to play one game with an old friend around Hanukkah time as well. Other than those brief forays into the mini gaming world my only association has been anonymously on the internet. Let me just say the internet hasn't made me excited to be a miniature war gamer lately. It seems the rift betwixt fluffy and competitive is as wide as ever, and the vitriol spewed is just as corrosive as I remember.

Let me ask a question that may never be adequately answered: If you don't like a person's opinion or delivery, why do you visit his site, write about him, or go to the trouble of adding disparaging definitions/descriptions of him to websites? Why give the publicity? Why not prove you are the bigger person and just ignore the hate?

Hoping something will spur my interest again soon, or these models may go to waste gathering dust indefinitely.

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