Tuesday, September 4, 2012

DOOM Scythes

Why did none of you warn me to bring lube? That was horrific.

My plan for fliers was to ignore them and deal with the rest of my opponents army and just weather the storm. Worked pretty well until I met DOOM Scythes.

Necrons are pretty good in their newest incarnation, not invincible, just very good. I went 1-1 against them. I got slapped around by their DOOM Scythes.

They are over the top. It would only take a few adjustments to fix them:
- They should only fire weapons to the front arc. Those weapons look fixed to me.
- The death ray should have to start its line on a model in the primary target unit within range and LOS.
- The death ray line should follow the hellhound's rules so the line can't end closer than it started to the firer.

Too easy. (As they currently stand, how are at least 2 not an auto include in every Necron army?)

My thoughts, take them as you will.

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