Sunday, September 23, 2012

How Much Is Too Much?

Pre-orders for the new Chaos Space Marine codex are up on Games Workshop's website. For $50 you too can own the newest edition.

At that price I am seriously questioning my willingness to purchase it. It is mind blowing how much GW's prices have risen in the last 10 years. For comparison's sake the first codex I purchase was the Space Wolf one back in 3rd Ed. it was $9.99. Yeah 20% the cost.

Now I haven't thumbed through the new Chaos book yet, but I am almost certain it is not 5x as good. I am pretty sure the rules aren't error free. I can guarantee the fluff won't be worthy of literary awards. I am positive the painting/modeling sections won't be life changing. I don't want to pay more for the hard cover, which I don't want anyway. I am also sure it isn't a required text for a college class, which is about the only other type of books that have similar price range for the percentage of content you will use.

There are only two ways I see GW's current business model ending:

1. Eventually GW prices itself out of the market. At this rate of price inflation in 10 more years a codex will cost $250. Seriously at some point it just becomes impossible for people to buy the product, no matter how much MOAR FANCIER! it gets.

2. Gamers come to their senses before number one actually occurs and boycott forcing GW into bankruptcy, at which point someone not hellbent on alienating their consumers purchases the IP and starts selling the products for a reasonable price.

Now seeing as the collector's edition of the codex which was $83 (Yeah that isn't a typo $83, outrageous!) is already sold out, I have very little hope for #2. So GW will mercilessly continue to crush its consumer base...

So I put out my question, somewhat rhetorically, how much is too much?

Other companies get it:
D&D - Starter Box at WalMart $13.00
Flames of War - If you bought last edition's rulebook you get the new mini rulebook FREE.
Fantasy Flight - Our games are expensive, but our rules are incrediblly well written and we even FAQ those regularly. (Insert any major board game company here.)
Mantic(Kings of War/Warpath) - Wait, I can download your core rules FREE?

I could go on and on, but it really isn't worth it. At what point do I stop going back to GW? At what point am I so fed up with paying scads of cash for poor rules quality and a company who cares very little, if at all, about their consumer that I just quit playing?

That point is rapidly approaching, I think the only reason I haven't reached it yet is that I have too much invested. Maybe that is what GW is counting on. Makes me so glad to be your customer GW, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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