Friday, October 12, 2012

The New Chaos

No in depth analysis from me on the new codex yet. My first thoughts:

- You can't play them as spiky marines, they are different. Play them as Chaos.
- Why does this book cost $50? Seriously GW get a clue.
- Lots of good options in every slot. There is not a clear choice in any slot which you must take regardless of army theme.
- You can get lots of different flavors/themes and have them be decent.
- Chaos seems like any ally kind of book, both as primary and secondary force. Too bad they aren't battle brothers with anyone but daemons.
- Stelek's 2 matching and 1 unique unit in each force org area seems pretty accurate to me. Taking 3 of the same thing for any of your non-troop choices won't do the trick. I like the variety this gives.

My overall impression is ADD. Why? I want to try everything in the book. Each unit I look at I want to build an army around it. I like what I see so far, hopefully as I play with a bunch of different stuff the fun will truly come through.

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